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The Power of Mirror Affirmations

As you probably know from various self help programs the power of affirmations cannot be underestimated.
The law of attraction states that what you put your mind to you can manifest that in reality.
The movie The Secret and big name gurus such as Joe Vitale, Jerry and Esther Hicks and Jack Canfield all swear by the power of affirmations.
Even famous celebrities like Will Smith talk candidly about how affirmations helped them reach the pinnacle of their respective careers.
At a subconscious level the mind cannot distinguish between thought and reality and the way to achieve this is to repeat your affirmations on a daily basis.
The repetition causes your mind to manifest circumstances and events that will help you bring towards your goal.
However repeating your affirmations while looking in the mirror is much more powerful.
The reason for this is that the affirmation is personalized to you and seeing your self in the mirror while saying them is going to increase the chance of it being embedded in your subconscious.
Your mind is going to compute that when you see yourself talking about theses affirmations especially when repeated daily its going to send your manifestation abilities to increase exponentially.
Also remember the more times you hear and see yourself talking about these affirmations you're going to notice less and less resistance to when you say it as opposed to the first time your recited them.
The best time to do these affirmations are as soon as you wake up and just before you go to bed.
These are the points where you are likely to experience the most benefit.

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