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Home Herb Garden on a Budget - Valuable Herbs at Low Cost

Lack of money to spare should never be an excuse for not having your own home herb garden because it just does not cut it.
Setting up a home garden is not just easy on the eye but on your pocket too.
Little bit of planning, loads of enthusiasm and wee bit of care in execution is all that is required to establish your garden on a budget.
  So, come on folks, tighten your purse strings, wear a big smile, and let us get to work.
Big Time Money-Saver It is simple mathematics with little bit of logic and common sense thrown in - the cost of a handful of fresh herbs bought from the market for your everyday use is higher than the cost of buying herb seeds to start a herb home garden.
Herbs bought at a store may last a few days while herbs from your garden will serve you for months, and even years.
Plucking fresh herbs from your indoor garden right before you use them for cooking avoids wastage and ensures the difference between a good meal and a great gourmet meal.
Stick with the Seeds It is cost effective to buy herb seeds for planting in your home herb garden, as the plants get costlier by the length when you purchase from a store.
  Seeds are a great way to start your own windowsill herb garden or a container garden, as most of the seeds need to be planted indoors.
Chives, rosemary, mint, and basil are easy to grow and inexpensive to boot.
Thrifty Pots and Containers You can even squeeze your budget tighter if need be by using makeshift cups such as used yoghurt cups instead of buying pots or containers for growing herbs indoors.
Purchasing herb garden kits is also a great idea if you want to avoid spending on running from pillar to post gathering all the ingredients required for your home garden.
Plan and execute your economical dreams of a home herb garden without compromising on the quality of conditions needed for the herbs to thrive.

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