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Ab Rocket Total Workout Machine Review

The Ab Rocket Total Workout Machine is a heavily advertised abdominal exercise machine.
You may have seen the infomercial for this product.
The AbRocket is made to help you better work your stomach muscles at your home without straining your neck or hurting your back.
You can work all parts of your stomach, lower, upper, middle abs and the obliques.
The cushions are specially made to give you a gentle massage while you workout.
The Ab Rocket exerciser comes with 3 levels of resistance.
Some people say that the resistance is hard enough for them while others say that they eventually outgrow it and need more strenuous exercise.
The entire product is light weight and compact.
It can be easily folded to fit under a bed and doesn't take up that much room.
Some people use the Ab Rocket for more than just stomach routines.
It can also help you do your pilates workouts.
However, it isn't a total workout machine, really, as it doesn't train your entire body but focuses on your abs.
The testimonials of people who've used the Ab Rocket Total Workout Machine are varied.
 Some swear by it and say that they've gotten excellent results with it, while others find this device mediocre at best if not an outright useless machine.
An important point to make is that this exerciser has a weight limit of 270 lbs, so it will not work for you if you're heavier than that.
This abs machine costs around $100.
If you do decide to purchase it, never buy it used as it can wear or break, and you don't want to buy a defective machine.
If you feel that having such a machine will get you to do more workouts, it may be indeed worth to get it for yourself.

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