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How to Seal My Brick Patio

    • 1). Clean the brick patio thoroughly with a power washer using clear water.

    • 2). Clean any mildew or mold that remains on the bricks after the power washing with a solution or equal parts bleach and water and a scrub brush.

    • 3). Let the bricks dry thoroughly before proceeding. A full day of warm dry temperatures and sunshine should suffice.

    • 4). Seal any cracks in the bricks with a clear silicone sealant.

    • 5). Paint the bricks with a brick sealant compound (available from building supply or paint stores). Use a brush or roller, depending upon the amount of area you need to cover. Keep foot traffic off of the patio while the bricks dry.

    • 6). Let your first coat of sealant dry for at least a day, then apply a second coat. Let the second coat dry before walking on the patio or replacing furniture on the patio.

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