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How to Train a Puppy to Stop Chewing

It's not so much THAT they chew, it's just WHAT they chew, right? I know that I've come home at least five times to a house completely mauled and chewed up because of my dog's chewing problems.
You can probably relate.
Well, that's over now because I eventually took initiative and learned how to stop my dog from chewing.
I strongly urge you to do the same thing as well! After learning for myself how to train my dog, I feel that the least I can due is give some information back to the community, so below I've organized a few of the main tips that helped me train my puppy to stop chewing.
  • The first tip, is to make it VERY clear that your stuff, is not his stuff.
    In fact, let your dog know that EVERYTHING is yours, and you are kindly sharing some of your things with him (*his* toys).
    If your dog can't tell the difference between your belongings and his belongings, then he will have no clue what to chew...
    and he NEEDS to chew!
  • If you catch your dog in the act of chewing something of yours, this is what you do.
    First, scold him/her promptly by making a loud noise, and pointing in his/her face.
    The remove your item, and give him/her a chew toy.
    When your dog bites down on the chew toy, immediately praise him/her, so that your dog knows that chewing his toy is the right thing to do.
    Your dog will always relate that toy with being praised for now on!
  • Another thing that I like to do, is keep a little basket in the corner of my living room full of my dogs toys.
    My dog and I both know that this is where his toys are kept, and if it's not in that basket, it's not his.
    I also praise him every time he grabs a toy from the basket so he knows he is doing something right (I just wish he could put the toys back!)

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