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How to Get Popular on Tumblr

    • 1). Create quality content that users want to read. Customize your profile and Tumblr theme, and make your blogging area inviting to Tumblr users.

    • 2). Post content often. Even when you are away, you can post to your blog by using Tumblr's many features. For example, you can post through email or by calling 866-584-6757. Tumblr's Queue also allows you to schedule postings if you are going to be away from technology for a few days and do not want to publish a bunch of posts at the same time.

    • 3). Ask your friends to sign up for Tumblr accounts and follow you. Post your Tumblr URL on social network sites, such as Facebook or Twitter.

    • 4). Ask other Tumblr users to post a link to your Tumblr profile. In exchange, you can do the same. You can message Tumblr users and simply say "promo for promo."

    • 5). Follow users and like other blogs. The more people that you follow, the more followers you will have.

    • 6). Comment on other Tumblr user's posts to gain exposure. You can also reblog other user's posts. When you do this, everyone can see, resulting in more exposure and followers.

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