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Getting Started Online: What Do You Bring to the Internet Marketing Buffet?

So you want to get started online but aren't quite sure where to begin? Before you delve in to the world of internet marketing to claim your own piece of the cyber cherry pie, it's important that you step back a moment and assess your strengths and weaknesses, along with your skills and talents.
What sets you apart from other internet marketers, and what do you hope to bring to the Internet Marketing buffet? Think of the vast seas of the internet as one gigantic potluck - what dish are you offering up that will entice your readers to show up and eat from your offering? What ingredients do you mix together that fill a void that no other internet marketing chef is providing? Here are some things to consider as you strategize about how to differentiate and define your own unique online presence: Strengths & Weaknesses: Whether its tenacity, people skills, creativity, or any other number of attributes that help you in an online business, taking a moment to write down your strengths is part of the larger plan to help you succeed online.
By knowing what your strengths are, you should be able to then list your weaknesses as well - so you can see where you might fall short and need to either shore up these traits, or else partner with someone who complements the things you lack.
Online Skills: Think of online skills as a pyramid to be climbed.
You don't start out at the very top; you climb your way up step by step.
So it is with online skills - you start out with the basics and then learn and improve along the way.
Beginning skills needed to succeed online are typing, computer basics such as file management and word processing, and how to navigate the internet.
From there you can work on your skill development on a weekly basis as you go on to conquer File Transfer Protocol (FTP), building squeeze pages, and developing sales funnels.
One caveat about online skills - don't fall into the trap of thinking that there is a certain amount to learn and then you're done.
The skills needed to succeed online are ever growing, because technology is always evolving.
By committing to becoming a life-long learner - one who embraces change and challenges instead of facing them with dread - you'll have the mindset necessary to take on and conquer new technologies as they emerge on the internet and software frontiers.
Sizing Up the Competition: Many beginning internet marketers make a critical misstep when sizing up their competitors - they often seek only to emulate what someone else is doing, instead of doing some analysis to see where their competitors are falling short.
Why is this so critical? Because being a copycat won't set you apart; it will only serve to camouflage you in the rough and tumble (and competitive) internet seas.
Differentiation is the key to success.
Study your competitors and the market.
Find the voids that aren't being filled, and you'll be primed to develop a plan to fill that them like no other marketer can.
Finding online success involves bringing something to the table that your competitors don't.
Much like professional chefs, those who serve their customers well are the ones most likely to succeed online.

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