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How to Grow Tomatoes in Only Compost & Peat Moss

    • 1). Fill a 16-inch pot (or larger) with a mixture of half compost and half peat moss. Choose a pot with adequate drainage as tomatoes do not like soggy roots.

    • 2). Plant a tomato seedling in the center of the pot, deeper than it was grown in its original container. Firm the potting mixture down well. Use small, determinate cherry or plum tomato plants for the best results; they don't grow as large, and require less support when bearing fruit. Stake or cage your seedling.

    • 3). Plant two to four basil seedlings, spaced evenly around the tomato, to repel tomato hornworm. Leave adequate room for the tomato to mature.

    • 4). Plant two sage seedlings in the front of the container to repel cabbage moths. Space them evenly to allow for good air circulation and even growth.

    • 5). Plant four to six nasturtium seedlings between the herbs, near the rim of the container to repel white flies and aphids.

    • 6). Move the container into a sunny location and water thoroughly. Keep the soil moist, but not soggy.

    • 7). Top dress with compost or give applications of compost tea of to replenish nutrients throughout the growing season, but refrain when the tomato is flowering, as too much nitrogen at this time can result in more foliage and less fruit.

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