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How to Add a FaceBook-Like Button to Your WordPress Blog

Adding a Like button to your blog puts a direct connection between your blog and FaceBook, multiplying your chances for getting a lot of positive input within FaceBook because now your link can be shared with one click right from your site. And it's easier than you might think. Here are some easy steps to make it happen for you.

1. Visit the FaceBook developers site to set up your unique code. You can find it at [] This page allows you to make several choices for how your Like button looks.

2. Enter the web address [URL] of your blog.

3. Choose the layout. Do you simply want the button or do you want a count of how many people like your blog so far?

4. Do you want to show the faces of some people who like your blog? Check the box.

5. How wide do you want your button space to be? The right column of my blog is 200 pixels, so I chose 200 for mine.

6. Would you rather have the word LIKE or RECOMMEND on the button? Choose which.

7. What font do you prefer? If you have a particular font for your blog, you can match it or just choose one that looks good. I like the Arial font because it's very basic and easy to read. Most of the time, the simplest is the best.

8. Would you rather have a light-colored button or a dark one? The dark has a gray background. I chose light because my web site background is white.

9. Click Get Code.

10. Copy your iframe code from the box that pops up by selecting or highlighting the code, then right click and choose COPY.

11. Go to the admin area of your blog and log in.

12. Click Design or Appearance, then Widgets.

13. If you have a choice of which sidebar you'd like your button on, choose that now. If not, you're cool. Just go to #14.

14. Scroll down the list of possible widgets on the left side of the page and Click ADD next to TEXT.

15. That adds a new text box to the bottom of the list of your current widgets on the right side of the page. Click EDIT on that new box and it should open up.

16. Right click over the blank box and click PASTE. You should see the iframe code appear in the box.

17. Click CHANGE at the bottom of the box and it should close. Now Click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the list of widgets.

18. Click and drag that same text box to near the top of the list. You want your Like button to be in plain view when someone first arrives at your page so you want it high up on the sidebar. Leave your Widget page open and go to #19.

19. Open another browser page and visit your blog to check out your new Like button. Is it in a good spot? If not, count the widgets that are above it and how many spaces you'd like to move it.

20. Visit your still-open Widget page and drag and click the text box into the right space. Click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the list and recheck the page.

Ta-da! Your Like button is in place. Now tell your clients and prospects about it and ask them to click it. You're on your way.

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