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How to Be Safe with a Jailbroken iPhone

    • 1). Use iTunes without accepting the iPhone or iOS update. When you connect your device and launch iTunes, you may be prompted to download and update the latest version of iOS. You should not accept this update. Click the "Cancel" button. Afterward, you can sync the iPhone as normal.

    • 2). Add trusted resources to the Cydia app under its "Resources" section. This application is automatically installed when you jailbreak your own iPhone, and it is accessible from the home screen. Cydia is pre-installed with a set of safe, trusted resources. Add any new resources at your own risk.

    • 3). Restore the iPhone to factory settings before taking in the device to an Apple retail store for servicing or repair. A service representative will not troubleshoot your jailbroken iPhone, since the product warranty is automatically voided when you jailbreak the device. However, when you restore the phone to factory settings, Apple cannot tell if the device was previously jailbroken.

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