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Diseases of African Cichlids

    Fin Rot

    • Fin rot is a bacterial disease. The fins of the fish will become inflamed and start to rot away. Other fish in the tank may pick at the rotting fins of the infected fish.

    Skin and Gill Flukes

    • Gill flukes will cause the fish to sit motionless below the surface of the water. Fish will scratch themselves against aquarium objects.


    • Iridovirus is a viral infection. The fish will lose its appetite, show signs of weakness, skin may appear darker and the abdomen will become swollen.

    Malawi Bloat

    • Bloat, thought to be viral, will cause the abdomen to swell. Fish fed a mostly vegetarian diet are most susceptible.


    • Fish with hole-in-head will develop white spots on their heads that will eventually become ulcers. The fish will appear emaciated once a secondary bacterial infection sets in.


    • The best prevention and solution to aquarium diseases is to maintain good water quality. If your cichlid becomes ill, have the aquarium water tested to determine the ailment and find the correct medication or remedy.

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