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Kitchenaid KP26M1XNP - My Harsh Review

The kitchenaid kp26m1xnp stand mixer is evidently one of the favorite stand mixers on Amazon. It couples great features, a powerful motor, ease of use with a very decent price. Kitchenaid is devoted to maintaining it's image as a reliable and powerful brand of appliances, especially their main market which is stand mixers. They have a very long tradition of quality to uphold.

A recent test by a well known magazine tested a wide range of stand mixers using many different recipes, ingredients, criteria and attachments. After a laborious process, 2 mixers were left as winners. It was a $1.5k Hobart mixer and you guessed it the kp26m1xnp by Kitchenaid.

Be careful that you don't over pay for this mixer however. The prices available online and in stores vary drastically. All the way from $450 down to $280. So shop around. Amazon usually has the lowest price so that is always a safe bet. Plus with their reviews you know exactly what you're getting. Their service is obviously a big drawcard too.

This is a very big mixer weighing in at around 25 pounds, 12 inches tall and 16 inches long it sure takes up some space. This machine can sure take some abuse. Many people have reported accidentally pouring in too much ingredients at once or dropping a fork into the mixer and it seems to handle it all in it's stride.

It will handle cookie dough, cake batter, heavy bread dough with ease. People who do a lot of breads will find this mixer the most useful. Over a week of making 1 loaf a day, it will literally save you hours. Over a year…days.

People who are afraid of a powerful mixer (like the kitchenaid kp26m1xnp) overmixing your dough or batter need not fear. Since you decide when it must stop, it's almost impossible to mess up if you've ever done it successfully by hand before. It's up to you. Unless of course you get distracted playing Wii or something.

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