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Skiing in the Troodos Mountains on the Island of Cyprus

When most people think of Cyprus, the first thing that springs to mind is glorious weather and great temperatures.
However, there is more to this amazing island than good weather and beach holidays.
Between December and March the Troodos Mountains in the south of the island offer fantastic skiing opportunities including the Troodos International Ski Competition in March.
The competition is under the auspices of the International Ski Federation and challenges skiers with an International Slalom and Giant Slalom race held on the Dias Slope.
The piste on the Dias Slope is maintained with the help of three computerised mobile snow guns.
The Troodos Mountains run through the middle of the island and offer spectacular scenery, quaint mountain villages and some wonderful Byzantine monasteries and churches of which nine are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list.
Apart from skiing, the mountains offer excellent nature walks (created by the Forestry Department) through the forests where you will discover some rich flora and fauna along with some interesting sites.
The Troodos Mountains are divided into six districts: Troodos district around Mount Olympus, Machairas, Pitsillia, Marathassa Valley, Soleas Valley and Krassochoria.
The skiing season in Cyprus usually starts in January and lasts until the end of March.
Mount Olympus, which is located in the Troodos Mountains, offers skiing opportunities in January and February.
Most of the southern half of Cyprus is occupied by the Troodos Mountains of which Mount Olympus, at 6402 feet, is the highest peak.
Other peaks in the area stand at 5000 feet and above.
From some of the slopes you can look-out over the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and on a clear day see the snow-capped Taurus Mountains of Turkey.
The ski resorts in Cyprus are not huge like other skiing destinations but where else can you ski in the morning and then relax on the beach in the afternoon? The resort itself is split into two interconnecting parts, each served by two lifts, with four T-bar lifts, X trails and 600 foot vertical drop.
Beginner slopes are located in Sun Valley, the official centre of the skiing activities.
Interesting places to visit in the Troodos Mountains on your family holidays to Cyprus: The beautiful village of Pitsillia is set on the eastern slopes of the mountains amid orchards of almonds and hazelnuts, vineyards and amazing wild flowers.
Agros, where you will find a 19th century Byzantine church which stands where the monastery of Panayia Eleousa Argou once stood.
You will also find gardens full of fragrant roses and cool refreshing springs.
Around 10 miles from Agros is Palaichori where you will find the church of the transfiguration of the saviour.
Overlooking the village, this 16th century church has an interesting series of murals painted on its inside walls.
18 miles from Limassol in the village of Louvaras is the church of Ayios Mamas which was constructed in 1455.
Some of the inside walls have paintings on them signed by Philip Goul.
The Troodos Skiing Centre sits between two high peaks and is an excellent place to stay on your direct holidays to Cyprus.

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