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Flirting SMS - The Mistakes That Might Be Holding Her Back From You

As much as you want to focus on learning how to come up with flirting SMS, it would also be vital for you to learn which silly and stupid things you need to avoid while you're at it.
Truth be told, men and women text in completely different ways.
If you are like most men out there, then you probably don't like texting very much, in general.
Women, on the other hand, love to text a lot.
Because of this, you need to learn which flirting SMS can be deemed as proper, so that you can avoid making mistakes that might send you straight into the friend zone or even the dead zone.
Here are some of those mistakes.
Being Boring.
If you are one of those men who likes to send texts that say, "Hey, what's up?" or "How's work today?", then this rule is for you.
It would always be important to think before texting.
If you send her something that other men before you have already sent her, then she won't even bother to reply.
Be unique and stand out from the other men out there who don't know what to say in their texts.
Be creative in your flirting SMS and you can be sure that no woman will ever get bored of you again.
Sending Two Texts.
Sending two texts to a woman before she has even had a chance to reply to your first one is a complete no-no.
This is because it will kill the tension between the two of you by telling her that you can't wait for her to reply.
Plus, women don't like it when men do this because they are worried that things might get uncool when they end up in a relationship.
Avoid doing this at all costs.
Making Bad Jokes.
Sometimes, a flirting SMS might be misconstrued by a woman because texts are generally hard to decipher, especially when they are filled with emotions.
This means that women won't actually be able to tell whether you are just being moody or are actually angry at times.
Either way, women don't like men who are emotional or moody because they seem untrustworthy.
As such, make sure you don't seem moody in your texts and don't make bad jokes, either.
Bad jokes are never a good thing when it comes to texting women because it changes the mood of your texting conversation altogether.

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