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3 Natural ECZEMA Treatment Solutions To Get Relief

Eczema is a non-contagious inflammation of the skin with symptoms including redness, itching and inflammation which can be very uncomfortable and frustrating.

Eczema treatments are varied and it may be necessary to try multiple forms to combat this condition.


1)  Minor Diet Adjustments
  • Consider removing potential allergen foods such as cow milk, processed meats, and foods with high numbers of preservatives. Eliminate one food-group at a time to test the response.  This may take a bit of trial and error but food-sensativity is often a contributing factor.
  • Be sure to eat a variety of whole foods and maintain a healthy diet.
  • Getting tested for food allergies may be a good step.

2)  Moisturizers
  • Moisturizing is essential to prevent the skin from drying out.  It is the most important Eczema treatment in preventing itching and scratching.  Emollient Moisturizing creams and ointments should be used on dry (non-wet) skin.
  • Creams absorb quickly but usually need to be re-applied frequently.  Ointments remain on the surface of the skin longer so fewer applications are necessary.
  • Be sure to use fragrance-free moisturizers.

3)  Careful Skin-Care is Essential
  • Eliminate strong chemicals and detergents by using all-natural products if possible - and wear rubber gloves if you must come in contact with these agents.
  • Use non-perfumed soaps to avoid drying your skin.
  • Choose fabrics made from 100% breathable cotton.  Avoid harsh fabrics such as woolens which may irritate sensitive skin.
  • Drink plenty of pure filtered water to hydrate your skin.
  • Cover up from the sun and wear a good-quality sun block for skin protection.

Eczema treatments come in many forms, most of which will work to some degree.  As any sufferer of Eczema will tell you, this is a disheartening condition due to the pain and discomfort associated with the flare-ups.  Doctors say there is no known cure; however, trying these Eczema treatments can bring relief.  The key is being consistent with your treatment.

As with all medical conditions you should be properly diagnosed by a doctor to ensure you are using the best methods of treatment for your level of condition.

Understanding your specific triggers is the first step in getting relief from the pain and itch of Eczema. 

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