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Installation Of Shower Shelves

Have you ever thought how important are those little recessed shelves, in helping you have a perfect shower? Well, if not, let me tell you; a lot. What else makes it so easy to keep your soap, shampoo and other important toiletries within your arms reach while taking a shower and save yourself from all the discomfort of stepping out of the shower to get the necessary toiletry from the other corner of the bathroom? In a way shower recessed shelves help you take not just a shower but a lazy shower so as to pamper yourself and relax your stressed nerves, right?

Now that you have conformed with my opinion, its time you also know that installing shower recessed shelves in your bathroom is no rocket science. If you ever need to add another recessed shelf in your shower cabinet, you can do it yourself; without waiting that extra hour for your plumber. How? Through ready to tile recessed shelves.

They have more than one feature which makes them a common mans game. First, they are light, which means they do not demand a whole team, with you, to bring them from the store. And second, they are easy to install. Neither do they need framing prior to installation nor are they particular to the dryness or wetness of installing area. In addition they are easy to mount and are flexible with respect to being installed prior or after tiling. This means all that you have to do is mount them, place mortar mix (sand & cement), and tile as desired.

But do take care of the quality of the ready to tile shower recessed shelves. Low quality recessed shelves have cellulose or wood fibers and thus, are not water proof. They can rot and corrode and have a short life. One the other hand, high quality recessed shelves are made of corrosion resistant materials, with obviously, no hint of wood or cellulose. Once you fix them, you can rest assured to have long years of lazy showers with a contribution from these shelves by your side.

To help you in your lazy showers, there are another kind of shelves too-corner shower shelves. For many people, they come before the recessed shelves, in the choice for shower shelves. Fortunately, now they are available in the ready to tile form too. You can find them in all colors, designs and sizes at your nearby ready to tile bathroom fixtures store. But again, do take care of the quality. Given their constant exposure to water, they must be water resistant and corrosion free.

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