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Santa Letters by Marty the Mouse Are Top Letters From Santa for 2010

I just finished reading a book called "Being in Balance" by Dr.
Wayne W.
It was a lovely book with lovely thoughts reworked from the great healers such as James Allen.
Actually it was lovely up until page 63 where Dr.
Dyer stepped into his moral duty as a modern age guru feeling compelled to equate the US and its citizens with terrorists.
This was a sad use of his power and even sadder for the many who will read his words and become angrier at the US.
Will his words put people in balance or will his opinions make them more fearful of the US, perhaps, creating even more hatred towards his own country? He did the very thing he told his readers not to do, so Dr.
Dyer negated his own philosophy.
I suggest the Dr.
read James Allen again and refresh his memory.
What the world needs is healers who sooth, not incite.
The point here is not whether his opinion is valid or not, after all, we have been having pro and anti war arguments for many years.
The point is whether expressing such a radical thought will keep anyone in balance.
It certainly threw me out of balance and if Dr.
doesn't care about keeping everyone in balance, but only those who agree with his political views, than he is not a healer but another citizen using his fame to impose his political opinion.
Then what's the difference between him and leftist Hollywood stars, who, by the way, also throw me out of balance? And if he is not who he claims to be, than who is he? Dr.
Dyer's book was an early release on QVC, the all-American shopping network, as a "toady's' special", thus, selling in the thousands.
Why would any of their buyers allow a book like this that blatantly equates Americans with terrorists to become their darling?To my knowledge, there are not any QVC shoppers who blow up weddings and behead contractors, unless, Dr.
Dyer knows of some.
As someone involved with the healing arts and metaphysics, I am constantly dealing with the world of new age gurus that fell so out of balance that they incite hatred around the world.
Imagine if they had said something good about the millions helped by the US, thus, soothing many fears and helping to bring an end to the war.
I am convinced that well-meaning men such as Dr.
Dyer and the peace movement have caused more war than they realize.
I am sure when they leave this planet, they will see how they also played a part in this death dance.
My dear friend is a Muslim woman who has fled from the bonds of slavery; I hear the tears of the torment she has suffered since birth.
I hear her cries of gratitude to the US.
Why do I hear it and the Dyers of the world do not? Do they choose to turn a deaf ear? Dr.
Dyer, you carefully put the word terrorist in parenthesis as if they are a fabrication of America's imagination.
Dyer, I am a victim of 9/11.
I will not go into detail, but I will tell you that the planes hitting the towers were not flown by people in parenthesis, they were flown by terrorists.
The sound of death was not in parenthesis either; the men and women jumping out of the towers were not falling on parenthesis but on a dry cement New York City street.
This story is one of great sadness and I do not expect men and women of 'peace" living in affluence to understand this.
What I ask is men and women of peace to pray and not to incite.
Did we not learn that this never works? Why not even one guru ever condemned the acts of the terrorists? Why when Dr.
Dyer writes about terrorists he puts the word in parenthesis but he so courageous in attacking his own countrymen? But then again what is any American (including QVC shoppers) going to do to him? Dr Dyer, you are saying that it is the so-called Law of Attraction that causes our problems.
You claim that it is our fault that the Muslim terrorists attack us.
Then why don't you explain how that law functioned when the Muslims began to exterminate Christian populations about 800 years prior to the conception of America? Mr.
Dryer, America did not start a war; this war has been going on for 1400 years.
A base statement that you made in your book shows not only your own hatred unveiled but also your ignorance of world religion and politics.
I pray that you put away your hate and trade it in for love, than you will, perhaps, be able to rise to the healer you claim to be.
Let's hope it is in this lifetime, so you don't have to do this again.

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