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Brief Background And Present Popularity Of Promotional Teddy Bears

Did you know that the teddy bear was named after the famous US president Theodore Roosevelt? The Story of the promotional teddy bear dates back to a hunting trip that Roosevelt attended. He was the only person in the hunting group who has not killed yet so some of his attendants caught and tied a bear to a tree and called him to shoot it. But he could not take it upon himself to shoot a cornered animal and so he ordered them to put it out of its misery. When word spread out about what happened the issue became fairly popular with the people and newspapers about what happened that day.

Kids are the only persons who can appreciate such promotional teddy bears but adults as well. They have now become part of a valentines present for couples and for suitors to give to their loved ones. They become best sellers during Valentine's Day specially those small and cuddly ones which are purchased along with chocolates and flowers as a Valentine's Day present. Some companies and businesses give-away these bears during this special day not only to kids and teenagers but to couples and lovers who are clients and customers of their establishment or their services.

Not only do these promotional teddy bears come in several colors and designs because as a popular toy for kids, many toy shops and stores sell tiny clothes for these stuffed toys. Kids can now dress them up in different outfits and even fit them a hat or a bonnet. Some of these bears even come with a tiny music player that plays a tune for kids to listen to when they go to sleep. They are a bit expensive but so far more popular with kids of all ages plus they are safe from any chemicals and small parts that would be dangerous for a child.

There was a newspaper cartoon made of the event that happened regarding the bear and it became a popular issue among the people. One local shop owner thought about making a stuffed bear as a promotional teddy bear for his store and displayed it in his window. He was amazed at how popular it became to his customers who wanted to purchase more of the bear he made which he then called €Teddy's bear€ named after Theodore Roosevelt who made it popular.

The popularity of that store owners promotional teddy bear grew so much that he made a new toy company in which their main product is the stuffed bear. This became very popular among the people, that women and children began to carry them around just to show them off. Kids loved it especially for they are able to take it anywhere and they made great sleeping companions due to their soft and cuddly design. During the 1900's they grew ever more popular until the present day where they can be bought at any store or business establishment worldwide.

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