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How to Reinstall the Winterboard on a Jailbroken iPhone

    Uninstalling Winterboard

    • 1). Open Cydia by tapping the "Cydia" icon on your home screen.

    • 2). Move to the "Manage" tab and choose "Winterboard" from the list of installed applications.

    • 3). Select "Uninstall" from the right-hand top of the screen, then choose "Confirm" to uninstall Winterboard. After the program is uninstalled, your iPhone's Springboard (home screen) will reset to its original look.

    Reinstalling Winterboard

    • 1). Open Cydia once more by tapping the "Cydia" icon on the home screen.

    • 2). Navigate to the "Search" tab and type "Winterboard," then press the "Search" button.

    • 3). Select "Winterboard" from the list of applications. Tap "Install" at the right-hand top of the screen and then choose "Confirm" on the next screen. Winterboard will now install. After installation, your iPhone's home screen will reset.

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