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Now a Bigger Problem With One Arrest One X RCMP Informant and One Major Oversight

Cops just doing use them I'm telling you everything me Tom you're for sure if I can see why for your became very frustrated with the interview because he knew what had taken place then we're alleging that Stephen growing phone the reading this murder dairy is amazed how little the cops actually no since it was and he or Guiro who pulled the trigger he's pitched reloOKing like what are these two keystone cops after hammering dairy for hours Mason leaves the room in frustration detective Steve Murray enters and picks up the battle of their program you trying to give me agree OK but it was lucky for us that Polly was in stuff i guess imp definitely the day when dairy finally cracks the information he offers.

Is shocking and not with the cops were expecting OK showing you offered time for hours with her new shorter words my phone we haven't heard from a justice for some you know what happen column course you should be waged up jury says words to the effect of the 11 informant for seventeen years for the RCMP the interrogation room is done but you also have more information or more proof now that had we have the right guy in custody now first murder he tells us that he had gone to the RCMP I before I'm this murder toOK place and told them that the murder was going to take place and he feels i doing that he's off the hoOK body RCMP members were told they were not to deal with all their so they didn't promising do with me because I'm structures with Tom he's from has been arrested for fraud somebody should have done something and I think they know they should have done it board is a quiet place to be talking about it home government agent with the police would not stop a murderer the show on Simmons murder is.

Now a bigger problem with one arrest one X RCMP informant and one major oversight made by the law but now we have an issue on our hands with what do we do Partiers we know that heist involved in a murder we know that he can give us more information as to what exactly transpired with this murder but he doesn't want total to us to incriminate himself because now he's gonna be on tape disclosed to the defense Stephen Rowe in all Stephen rose associates the now I've just commode as an informant for seventeen years followed his friends associates partners in crime now know that somatodrol they possibly could have been duped by this guy to now you need us as much as we need him Halifax police now have two suspects in custody for the brutal murder up drug dealer Sean Simmons one of them isn't talking on and the other part dairy has just told the cops he's an axe RCMP informant he tells us that he had gone to the RCMP before this murder toOK place and told them that the murder was going to take plac.

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