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Shimla - A Slice of Heaven

When the rest of India is baking in the heat of summer, Shimla nestles among the valleys of Himalayas, cool and fresh and inviting. Large families of holiday makers descend on Shimla and carry back with them a lifetime of memories. With a Shimla Holiday Package booked you too can look forward to a holiday that will recharge your jaded senses.
A Glittering Jewel
Shimla is accessible in winter too and you can have an out of the world holiday when the hordes have left and you have the town to yourself. A Shimla Tour Package will cost you less during the off season.
Take a stroll down the iconic Mall or go on quiet little treks that will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If adventure sports attract, you can have that too. The air is clean and bracing and you can feel the stress and strain of city life being washed away. A Shimla Vacation Package will make a vacation in the mountains affordable to you.
For two nights, you can book yourself a holiday for Rs. 5000. Shimla Holiday Package is more affordable in winter. The beauty of Shimla is that it is accessible from all the metros. You can travel by train too till the nearest railhead. Shimla Vacation Package will indicate the fares by the different modes of transport.
If you go in winter, you will be able to take in a spot of skiing. Snow is plentiful and powdery which makes ideal skiing conditions. Make sure you wear several layers of clothing because it can get very cold in winter. The highs in summer will be around 6 degrees but nights will the temperature plunge to -7.
Summer on the contrary is balmy with temperature in low 20s with nights considerably cooler. From June to September, Shimla catches a lot of rain making it rather unpleasant. But once the monsoon withdraws till the start of winter is a very attractive time in the hills. You can get much detailed information about Shimla very easily as it is a very popular destination.
You deserve a Shimla Tour Package and it is a wonderful gift for your family too. There are very agreeable restaurants in Shimla that serve world cuisines. Shopping too is great especially for warm wear. While in Shimla, go to the neighboring towns for wonderful views of the mountains. Fishing for trout is also possible.

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