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How to Text to AT&T Wireless

    From Cell Phone

    • 1). Select the text message icon on your cell phone to create a new text message. The icon will vary depending upon your phone model; it often looks like an envelope.

    • 2). Type in the AT&T wireless number of the person you wish to text.

    • 3). Type the message you wish to send.

    • 4). Press the "Send" button.

    From Computer

    • 1). Log in to your email account.

    • 2). Select the option to compose a new email.

    • 3). Type the recipient's cell phone number along with "" (without quotes) in the "To" field. For example, if your AT&T wireless text recipient's number is 999-888-3434, you will type

    • 4). Type your text message in the body of the email. Please note, a text message must be 160 characters or less.

    • 5). Press "Send."

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