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Should You Forgive Her After Cheating On You?

Should you forgive her after cheating on you? The answer is No, No, No. Here are three good reasons why you should never forgive your wife or girlfriend for cheating on you.

1) She will eventually cheat on you again.

Once a cheater, always a cheater is what I believe. Some may disagree, but my own personal experience, along with the experiences of some of my closest guy friends tells me that if she was capable of cheating before, no matter what the cause or reason, she will certainly be tempted to lack fidelity again in the future. You will hear excuses, and perhaps she will even blame her behavior on you. It was YOUR fault that she strayed and slept with someone else. OK, even if it was, this is not an excuse. In fact, there really is no good excuse for cheating on you. If she was that unhappy with the relationship, she would have ended it properly before moving on to her next physical relationship. Cheating on you rather than simply ending your relationship is immature, inconsiderate, and 100% unacceptable.

2) You will forever and always be thinking about it.

Do you really want to constantly be thinking about her sharing intimate moments with someone else? No matter what the reason for the cheating, even if you caused it to begin with, the image of her rolling around in bed with some other guy will always be burned into your mind. This leads to resentment and anger, which will always lead to ongoing conflict in your relationship.  You're really just going to have to face the fact that the damage is done and her acts of infidelity can never be erased. It's true…You can't un-ring a bell. Every time she doesn't answer her phone, says she's working late, acts suspicious, goes out of town or spends time with her friends, you are going to be thinking – maybe in the back of your mind – maybe in the front of your mind – that she is not where she says she is. There will always be cause for suspicion and lack of trust. For a relationship to work long-term, there has to be mutual understanding and trust. When she cheated on you, that trust was gone forever. Time to move on!

3) There are plenty of other available women out there!

Yes, that's right! Believe it or not sir, there are LOTS of other women who would like to be with you. I know that it's hard to believe, but it's true. The person who cheated on you is not the only person that you can be happy with. Look around, open your eyes and see the possibilities. A lot of times, when a man is the victim of infidelity, he feels ashamed and that he is not worthy of the affection of anyone else. This notion could not be farther from the truth. When she cheated on you, she took a bit out of your self esteem – your manhood, if you will. Most men do not realize that this is a psychological effect that is very easy to overcome. Go out and find someone else. Now!

In conclusion, you never want to go back to the woman who cheated on you. Chances are that she will do it again. If you stay with her, it will always be on your mind. There are plenty of wonderful women out there who don't cheat. So, take your time, be patient and move forward to a healthier relationship! 

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