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Migration Agent Reveals Top 10 Tips And 7 Deadly Pitfall Made When Emigrating To Oz - Part 3

In the previous part of this article Cathrine Burnett of Migration Matters shared the first five of her top 10 tips for a stress free move to Oz.
Here are tips numbered 6 to 10 Tip #6.
Have a budget - can you afford to emigrate?
Emigrating is not cheap! It cost Penny and I nearly £10k to emigrate to Australia.
How much will it cost you to simply get here?Take some time and add up the cost of
  • Visas
  • Professional advice
  • Removals
  • Flights
  • Pets
  • Money transfers & Pension transfer costs
You then need to think carefully about set up costs on arrival, are you going to rent for a while or do you want to get straight into the housing market? You'll need to be able to get around, so how much can you set aside for a car? Will you be going straight into the job market or do you need to have some in reserve to keep you going until you get a job? Tip #7.
Patience is a virtue
Dealing with the government departments can be slow, try to be patient - things don't necessarily move as quickly as you would hope.
Don't worry if you hear about other people who started their application at the same time as you and are soon to be hopping on the plane to start their new life in Oz while you're still waiting to hear from the DIAC whether you're application is successful.
It's been said before, every case is unique and as long as you supply correct information at the right time then before you know it you'll be hopping on that plane yourself.
In the meantime stay patient & organised.
Tip #8.
Submitting the correct documents
Don't be the bottleneck in the process; the DIAC or assessing authority won't be as patient as you need to be.
Make sure you submit the right documents at the right time.
Use the DIAC or assessing authority checklists and follow their guidelines.
If you have a Registered Migration Agent make use of them, there's no such thing as a stupid question and they'll do everything they can to help and advise you to get the right information.
Tip #9.
Remember Australia is a long way from the UK
Again it seems really obvious; Australia is about as far away from the UK you can get.
Traveling back and forwards to see family members is expensive so make use oftechnology to keep in contact with friends and family back home: skype, MSM messenger, webcam.
Tip #10.
Don't have Unrealistic Expectations
The grass is not always greener on the other side.
Australia is a great place to live but still has the same issues as other first world countries.
When you're doing your research and trying to find a place to live have a look at the news websites.
It's even worth listening in to the on-line radio broadcasts for the local or regional radio station for the area you're thinking about.

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