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Citronella Bark Control Devices May Stop Barking Dogs

Several types of bark control devices may be used as training tools not just to get a dog to shut up, but to show the pet what you want.
The tools are better used to train a pet what is and what isn't allowed behavior.
It certainly isn't that barking is bad.
It is that uncontrolled noise that can drive you to the edge.
Here is one approach to more quiet and peace.
Our recent experience with a MultiVet citronella collar made a believer out of me.
Here is what happens.
Put the collar on your dog and after a period of time for the dog to get used to the new thing around the neck, you "arm" the collar.
That turns on a sensor that detects barking.
When the barking starts, here's what happened at our house.
Our spaniel barked and immediately faced a large mist cloud that was sprayed to envelope her head.
The look on her face was one not of pain but of mild shock and a little bit of displeasure.
That's probably from the smell of citronella and the shock was just surprise.
Anyway, the reaction was swift and sure.
But she thought she would try it again, so here came another big bark.
Again she got this misty cloud of stinky citronella all around her head.
Again, the look of mild shock and surprise, but maybe not so much surprise as the first time.
And then the strangest thing happened.
After two shots from that mist sprayer, out English Cocker Spaniel had seen enough.
Quiet reigned and the barking ceased.
That was now months ago and she learned for good and fast.
Now occasionally the barking starts up again for no real good reason and then out comes the collar and back on it goes.
Just putting it on usually does the job.
Sometimes it's turned on and sometimes it's not.
She seems to be able to tell when it's on or when it's off.
But only part of the time is the device required.
Most of the time now the collar is not even on the dog.
She rarely needs it on since she learned that wild, uncontrolled barking is not a good idea.
Uncontrolled barking gets a swift sure response that's both startling and stinky as the same time.
To a sensitive nose and a sensitive nature, that spray may be all it takes.
Bark control devices of several types are used to get dogs to be quiet and to train the dogs that uncontrolled barking is not a good idea.
One popular training collar uses pressurized citronella oil to squirt a cloud of smelly oil mist around a dog's head as soon as the noise begins.
That method worked almost immediately with our dog to stop the racket and keep it stopped.

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