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Why Aren"t Your Windows Clean?

The answer to why your windows are not as clean as you would like is mostly to do with the water you use to wash them.
What's that? You always use clean water? Let me explain...
A lot of amateur window cleaners pull up to your house and run your tap water into their buckets and get to work.
Chances are you do the same whenever you want to clean the windows.
The thing is the good clean water in the tap is not as clean as you would expect.
Don't worry it's not dangerous but here is what happens: In hard water areas your water is full of the chemicals from the water place and a lot of other dissolved minerals like calcium, magnesium and so on that are really good for drinking water but not when it comes to washing windows.
In fact they are downright bad for your windows.
To give you an idea, think of what happens to your washing machine or dishwasher after a while of constant use and the efforts you go to just to make sure you do not get lime-scale problems.
That is the quality of water most people use when washing their windows.
Unfortunately the glass in your windows does not quite like that water.
The minerals leave white residue lines on your windows and you start seeing streaks down your windows.
A bucket and squeegee just does not work for this, even if the bucket of water was changed with every window (and we all know that doesn't happen).
So, how do you get around this problem? You just need to get a professional window cleaner with an ionised pure hot water system.
The ionised water system purifies the water by removing dissolved minerals which means no more white lines, and hopefully your windows start looking more like the windows on TV! The system works by heating the water and as we all know warm water is better for cleaning.
The system then delivers the water, in a pressure controlled flow, to the 'water-fed pole' or whatever your cleaner uses, leaving a crystal clear finish on every surface.
There are many advantages to the ionised pure hot water system but here are some of the main advantages: • Pure Hot water means a crystal clear finish.
People will constantly try to walk through your glass door panel! • No Chemicals - the water is pure so you don't need bubbles • It's Green - no bubbles means no detergents, which means no environmental damage So next time you go to find a window cleaning contractor, ask them what kind of water they use.

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