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Garajau" s Nature Reserve: Great Place To Explore In Madeira Holidays

Are you planning your holidays to Madeira? Visit Garajau's Nature Reserve it was established in 1986 and is situated on the south east coast of Funchal. This is considered as one of Madeiras popular diving sites with an incredible underwater richness of large fish species such as moray, grouper, seahorses, manta rays and many more. This is considered as an ideal spot for unprofessional diving and drag the attention or many travelers to this place. This partial nature reserve area is controlled and protected and fishing is not allowed here and only small boats can reach the beach area. Madeira holidays bring so much fun for the nature lovers who are interested in exploring more about the island. This reserve is managed alongside with other nature reserves which also include first and only marine reserve in Portugal. Name of the other reserve is Desertas this place is open for the local sports fishermen. You can also plan your Madeira tours to this place. Tuna and Wahoo fishing are really plentiful during the right seasons here.

It is a sub aquatic nature reserve and at many times you may find the depth of 50 meters when the tides are really high. If you are planning your holidays to Madeira you can choose to visit this place. Here you may get a glimpse of large sea life such as the Dusky Grouper and more species. Book your cheap flights to this island to get close to the nature.

Though, it is forbidden to endeavor over onto dry land on the deserted islands this is away from 10 meters from the shoreline. The "Ilhas Desertas" Natural Reserves was formerly owned by a British Family, the Hintons, and later on it was managed by the local Madeira government. They were then reserved from human activity and the islands are now slow, but still victorious, reproduction ground of the nearly extinct Monk Seal. The Monk Seal still features as one of the ten most endangered animal species on the list of animals near disappearance. While you are booking your Madeira holiday packages you can include this place for sure.

The Freira is also a popular place this is also known as Zinos Petrel or Madeira Petrel this is under the rigorous threat of extermination. These special bird species are found in the biggest altitudes of the main island of Madeira. Madeira holiday deals are available online now and you can book them online now. By booking everything online you can also save money as well.

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