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Cookie Exchange Invitation

A cookie exchange party is the perfect way to kick off the holiday season. And the cookie exchange invitation is an important element of the party, because it explains how a cookie exchange works.

How to Write the Perfect Cookie Exchange Invitation

Start by deciding on all the rules for your cookie exchange party.

Some things to consider:
  • Do you want people to bring up 6, 12 or more cookies for each guest?

  • How will you ask your guests to package the cookies? In individual containers or bring them to the party in big tins?
  • How will you distribute the recipes?
  • Do you want your guests to be able to sample each others' cookies at the swap? If so, they'll need to bring another dozen or so for the party.
  • What time of day do you want to hold the party and what refreshments do you want to serve?
  • Will you allow guests to bring store-bought cookies?
  • Part of the fun of a cookie exchange is sampling different kinds of Christmas cookies. Do you want guests to tell you what kind of cookies they're baking in advance? Do you want to assign guests to bake certain cookies, or would you prefer to leave it to chance?

You will need to know the answers to all these questions before you write the invitation. (Click here for more tips on hosting a cookie exchange party.)

What to Include on Your Cookie Exchange Invitation

On the invitation, include all the basic information, such as:

Who is hosting the cookie exchange

When the cookie exchange will take place (date and time)

Where the party will be

What a cookie exchange is

How a cookie exchange works

RSVP with your phone number(s) and email address, plus a deadline.

Sample Cookie Exchange Invitation

Here is a sample cookie exchange invitation:

You're invited to a Cookie Exchange Party!

Hosted By:



RSVP: _________________(phone) _________________(email) by __________(date)

How It Works:

A cookie exchange or cookie swap is a way for all of us to enjoy dozens of different Christmas cookies, but only have to bake one kind. You choose one kind of cookie to bake, and bake enough so that each guest can take home 1 dozen of your cookies.

We are having 10 guests, including me, for this party, and we want each guest to be able to sample your cookies at the party. That means you will need to bake 132 cookies. Please package your cookies in individual plastic bags or containers of 12 each.

And of course, we all want your recipe! Please make 10 copies of your recipe, and bring it to the party.

Finally -- and this is important. When you RSVP, let me know what kind of cookies you plan to bake. That way, I can be sure there are no duplicates.

Happy Baking!

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