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Cause Of Autism- Mercury Vaccines?

You would probably heard about the cause of autism has been attributed to mercury exposure, especially if you have a child or family member who has this condition.
Yet, you cannot understand why this can be the case, as it is not like you have a mercury leakage in the house.
What you may not realise that there is mercury contained in the vaccines that your child has been taking.
In the manufacture of vaccines, many manufacturers use a preservative called Thimerosal.
Thimerosal has been around since the 1920's.
From the 1940's, it has been used to preserve vaccines.
Unfortunately, Thimerosal, is made up of 49.
6 percent mercury, broken up into thiosalicylate and ethylmercury.
Ethylmercury is the portion of Thimerosal that kills contaminated materials in vaccines.
The US Department of Defense has labelled mercury as a hazardous material that can cause death if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed.
In fact, you would know that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is very diligent about limiting mercury contamination in foods and drugs.
Yet, the very thing that is supposed to prevent your child from becoming ill, a vaccine, can cause autism as well as other brain and mental problems.
If you still have doubts about whether mercury can be a cause of autism, here are some important facts.
Your child could have been given as many as around twenty vaccines as an infant.
Many of those vaccinations were probably preserved by Thimerosal.
Also, official statistics show that the number of autistic children increased by 1,500 percent since 1991.
1991 was the year that childhood vaccines were doubled.
Before 1991 about one out of every twenty-five hundred children were diagnosed as autistic.
Since 1991 that number has raised to one out of every one-hundred and sixty-six children.
A matter of mere coincidence?Of course, the critics to this theory say that there were insufficient records 10 years ago.
Also, the figures then may be understated as there was little awareness about what is autism.
Meanwhile, you should also know that Russia banned the use of Thimerosal in children's vaccines in 1980 and most of the other Scandinavian countries soon followed suit.
Yet, the USA has not banned Thimerosal.
Also, Thimerosal is far from the only source of mercury in your child's life.
Anything from dental fillings to contaminated seafood can contain mercury.
Although it will probably take more than one contaminated fish or a single filling to be a cause of autism, everything can accumulate over time.
Whether you choose to believe that the cause of autism is mercury or not, it is without a doubt that mercury is harmful.
A study in 1999 showed that some children cannot process mercury at all.
It just builds up in their system.
What is horrifying is that multiple vaccinations can cause a mercury buildup, which is fatal.
Mercury poisoning, even in adults, can cause hair loss, developmental difficulties, dyslexia, nerve damage, coma and even death.
More public awareness about the dangers of mercury in vaccines is needed.
It is a condition that inflicts many young children today.

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