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2 Secret Signs Your Girlfriend is Losing Interest and You - How to Fix it Now!

We are going to give you some secret signs that your girlfriend may be losing interest in you, and how you can fix this problem - remember, this problem does not have to stay a problem; you just have to make sure that it does not stay like this.
This is going to sound weird, but usually the method for trying to fix these problems is by trying to be laid back as possible about the situation - the more desperate you act and try to repair the situation, the worst it will get.
We'll explain, but let's go over two sure fire signs that your girlfriend is losing interest and is soon to breakup.
Sure Fire Sign #1 - She's Not Spending That Much Time With You Although I may sound like captain obvious right here, the fact that she's not spending that much time with you anymore may be a big indication that she doesn't love you like she once did.
Is this to say that there's no hope or anything? No, that's not it at all, the solution to this problem is to try to communicate this with possible, look inside and see what you are doing wrong - are you doing all of the things she's asking? Now we're not saying it's all your fault but both people are going to have to adjust for the relationship to work.
You may also try to be more independent - your dependency on her may be pushing her away; so you ultimately want to solve that problem right? Sure fire Sign #2 - She Has Future Plans, You aren't in them - This is the most tell- tale sign that she is not into you as she once was, you want to make sure when it gets to this point that you make your move to make her fall for you like she once did.

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