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HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program.
As the name implies, these kinds of investment programs usually come with high returns on investment made by investors and there is usually high risk involved.
The popularity of HYIPs came about when e-currencies like e-gold, stormpay, etc were introduced.
Investors are allowed to invest in small amounts which made the programs very popular and easy to follow.
Over 94% of HYIP sites are SCAM and these scam sites use the ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme in which new investors' money is being used to pay existing investors.
This process will be continued as long as new investors are found, which explains why even fraudulent funds are able to provide the promised payouts initially and once there are no more new investors, these programs disappear.
This is the reason why most people refer to HYIPs as SCAM and as a result they are afraid to invest, afraid to take calculated risks and afraid to loose money.
People are afraid to take risks not because the investment is risky but because they themselves are risky.
Why do I say this?..
The problem always is that while more people are investing, very few of them are enlightened and well educated investors.
When you fail to get the facts about investing and refuse to learn/study all you can about how to go about HYIP investing, then you are willingly putting yourself at very high risk.
However this site is determined to provide lots and lots of the information you'll need to invest wisely and intelligibly.
Feel free to post your comments and questions.
By now you should be asking,..
So which HYIPs are worth investing in and which ones are SCAM/PONZI? Before answering that question, one thing you should note is that if there was no money to be made in HYIPs, then they'll not be so many scam sites trying to copy the already existing reliable and stable HYIP investment programs.
The scammers know the potentials in HYIP investment are very real and high and they utilize the human factor of greed for making quick, immediate and fast cash to tactically dupe people of their hard earned money.
Now that you also know that you can make money from HYIP investment the next is to know which ones are for real and which ones to avoid.
The answer to these questions cannot be completely answered in this article but it is a learning process that will continue as long as we still breath, since on a daily basis new improvements are made.
This site will therefore provide you with answers on a daily basis to the happenings, news, DOs and DON'Ts of HYIP investment programs.
When investing with HYIPs, note these; 1.
Never every dream or plan to get rich within a short period of time.
Be prepared to loose money.
Don't quit.
Get back capital ASAP.
Research and research again.
Be Skeptical.
Be alert for warning signs.
Don't be greedy.
Visit this blog daily.
(lol) To begin opening any HYIP investment account, you'll first of all need to get an e-gold account.
It is FREE.
After which you'll need to also open an e-currency exchange account (also FREE) to enable you exchange money in US Dollars for gold either using a credit card, wire transfer, Direct debit, Bank account, etc.
More about e-gold account and e-currency exchangers tomorrow.
Happy Investing.
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