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How to Get Back an Ex Boyfriend You Still Love - Tips For Women

Many women want to know how to get back an ex boyfriend after a painful breakup.
Unfortunately, often after a split the woman finds herself just as much in love with her ex as she was when the two of them were together.
It's excruciating getting up each day knowing that you have to face it without the man you adore most in the world.
But what are you to do if he's asked for some time and space and said that he just wants to be friends? If you're in this situation now there are several things you need to be doing and some you should avoid doing to get him back for good.
Understanding how to get back an ex boyfriend you still love begins with learning what not to do.
You can't be overly emotional when you are around him.
This is incredibly important and can't be overlooked.
One common mistake that women make after a relationship ends is they let their heart take control of their actions.
They start calling their man at all hours crying uncontrollably or they send him email after email trying to get him to give them another chance.
All of these things may seem reasonable when you're caught up in feeling the loss of the relationship but they'll damage things even more.
You have to remain, calm and collected.
Slap a smile on your face and show him that you're okay with the change in things.
One thing that you absolutely must do to get back an ex boyfriend is leave him alone.
In fact, you'll stand a much better chance of winning back his love if you can disappear from his life completely for a few weeks.
Men need space right after a break up to sort through their emotions.
You also need to create a scenario that will give him the opportunity to miss you.
He can't if you're always there begging for another chance.
So take the next few weeks to focus on something other than him.
Before you know it, he'll realize what a void there is in his life and he'll come looking for you to fill it again for him.

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