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Projects With Smart School Art Paste

    Papier Mache

    • Papier mache projects involve pasting newspaper or tissue paper atop frames or molds to create firm shapes. Many teachers who assign papier mache projects have their students create their own adhesive from starch and other household items; however, some teachers opt for School Smart Art Paste, which can be substituted for the traditional wheat and starch pastes. When creating papier mache, simply substitute about 2 ounces of School Smart Art Paste for one pound of the traditional food-based pastes.


    • Decoupage involves decorating an object by adhering colored paper cutouts or other decorations such as gold leaf to it. Teachers and students making decoupage projects can use any number of adhesives, including School Smart Art Paste. This art paste can be mixed in any amount, is non-toxic, does not stain and can be stored indefinitely.


    • Collages are made by assembling a variety of visual media, such as magazine pictures and newspaper clippings, into a single piece. Collages allow students to express themselves by gathering images and text personal to them and arranging them in any way they choose. The images or text are adhered to a piece of poster board or other matting sheet using an adhesive like School Smart Art Paste. This paste dries quickly and does not leave the same bubbles that traditional glue can leave on magazine paper.

    Other Projects

    • School Smart Art Paste can be used in any type of art project that requires an adhesive of any type. It can take the place of tape or staples when making or decorating masks, costumes, paper hats, macaroni art or homemade photo frames.

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