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Four Tips to Make Dog Obedience Training Easy

Dog obedience training can be very frustrating for both the dog owner and the dog.
But don't give up yet, there are some amazing dog obedience courses on line that can help ease some the frustration.
Here are four key points that will help you and your dog with obedience training.
Be Consistent The most important training you could do for you dog is being consistent in all that you do with it's training.
Don't give up on a command or a trick just because you don't think that your dog is understanding it.
Or because you are getting frustrated.
Being calm and consistent with you dog will help it understand what you want it to do.
One big example of being consistent is when you are house training the dog, be consistent about taking it out to go to the bathroom at the same time and to the same place every time.
This way the dog knows when and where it should be going to the bathroom.
Be Firm, But Not Harsh Your dog needs to know that you are the boss, and that it needs to follow your commands.
By giving your dog firm commands it will respect you, but remember not to be to aggressive with your voice.
You don't want your dog scared of you and not want to listen to you.
But remember there is always time for "play time" this when you don't need to worry about having a firm tone.
Just like children, it's important to have that play time with you dog.
Be Repetitive Just because your dog didn't respond to your command the first time, doesn't mean that the dog can't obey your command or doesn't understand you.
Just remember to repeat everything that you are trying to teach your dog.
However, if you are lucky enough, and your dog obeys your command on the first try, doesn't always mean that it understands you, you still need to keep repeating your self.
They say that a person has to do something 15 times to make it a habit, if that says anything.
Give Praise and Rewards Dog just LOVE to be praise and rewarded! I think they just live for this, the best example to compare them to is a little kid.
They just love knowing that your are proud of them and that they did a good job.
So every time your dog did want you commanded it to do, reward the dog with a doggy treat and some praise.
You will find that your dog obedience training will run smoother and faster.

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