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How to Prepare for an Oral Grant Presentation

    • An SR-22 is a document which states that a driver has adequate auto insurance. In Washington, an SR-22 is required if you are: (1) found driving without insurance; (2) involved in an accident and uninsured or (3) convicted of an alcohol-related crime, such as driving under the influence (DUI). Generally, an SR-22 requires fees in addition to those required for a standard insurance policy.

    Obtain Required Insurance Coverage

    • Washington law requires all drivers to carry auto insurance with the following mandatory coverages: (1) $25,000 for injury/death liability of one person; (2) $50,000 for injury/death of two people and (3) $10,000 for damage liability of property.

    Request an SR-22 Filing

    • Once you've obtained the required auto insurance coverage, you will need to request that your insurance company notify the Department of Licensing (DL) in Washington state that you are insured by filing an SR-22. Generally, your insurance company will charge you a one-time fee for filing the SR-22 with the state. The DL can take up to 30 days to review your SR-22 filing. If it is accepted, you will receive the SR-22 form and a letter from the DL verifying your status.

    Maintain Your SR-22

    • Under Washington law, you are required to maintain an SR-22 for 36 months. Generally, this requires that you maintain your auto insurance policy and stay current with your SR-22 in terms of any renewal fees or costs needed to maintain its active status. Failure to maintain your SR-22 means your insurance company will notify the DL, and your driver's license will be suspended immediately.

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