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Role of Search Engine Optimization in Internet Marketing

SEO is a term used for optimizing a website or a web page on a search engine. It is a method used to accumulate a large mass of traffic (visitors or viewers) to a website. We can optimize a website by editing its content by coding etc.

Internet users do not want to click through pages and pages of search results instead, they click on the page which appears higher in the search results. So it is essential where a site ranks in a search engine for directing more traffic toward the site.  The higher a website rank the greater the chance that the site will be visited by a user.

SEO Services

SEO Services fortifies that a site is accessible by the search engine and it increases the chances of it, being ranked high by the search engine.SEO providers work for providing these services and for that they charge fee. It may vary according to the subscription or packages they offer to their clients.

SEO tactics

The technology behind search engines has improved over the years to the point where sometimes their ability to determine relevancy between the phrases you searched for and the results shown is impressive. Few tactics are being followed. Some of them are listed below:

1.Attribute Pages:  If you have a product site then the first requirement is to group these product according to their attribute. An attribute can be any feature such as a size or color. Then create individual pages, and lists the products with attributes that have the same value, for optimizing the content for that attribute value.

2. Geographic Location Pages:  Similar to attribute pages it also involves grouping but in different manner. Here in geographic (geo for short) location pages group things together. The grouping is based on proximity around a location - e.g., Zip code, city, coordinates. If the working is confined to a local SEO space then Google will provide an exact match on the location. But what happens if your location is in another town?

The SEO solution to this is to build pages that are geo-specific that trace those locations around the area where you have a physical listing.

Varied Content: If you have widespread business (multiple locations) then create a web page for each location having the same content with only the address being different.

DPFOC SEO Consultant provides SEO using these tactics


1. Getting Indexed

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo they use crawlers to find pages for the search results. For the pages that are linked from other search engine there is no need for the indexed pages to be submitted for them. Crawlers take a no. of factors into consideration while crawling like distance from the root directory of a site and many more.

2. Preventing crawling

When a search engine visits a site the first file to be crawled is located in the root directory. This file is parsed first and instructs which pages are to be crawled and which are not. Search engine crawler keeps a cached copy of this file hence preventing unnecessary crawling.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is one of the applications of search engine optimization. It is a form of online marketing that makes use of it for marketing through advertisements.


There are different categories of methods of SEM
  1. Keyword research and analysis: it involves indexing the site, finding relevant keyword and use to draw the traffic on the site.

  1. Popularity of website: It involves the relevant keyword that people are looking for while searching in a search engine.


International markets

Highly optimized techniques are used in SEO. For successful search optimization in international markets there is a requirement of translation of web pages, registration a domain name, and web hosting that which provides local IP address. Many companies provide SEO services which are good enough. DPFOC SEO Consultant is one of them.


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