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Engineering Diploma in Bihar - Private and Government Institution

Bihar has got two types of Polytechnic Institutes - Government owned institutes and institutes run by Private organizations or groups.
For the last six decades the Diploma Engineering Education was provided by government institutions and the number of private institutions that are visible right now, all of them were established in last ten or fifteen years.
There are inherent advantages for students who study in government institutions in Bihar.
First of all, most of them are enrolled in a panel by government which ensures priority employment for them if the recruitment process of a state government department is done.
However, in case of open competitive examinations there is not any priority for pass out of government institutions.
Admission Process in Government Institutions Students who want to get admission in a government institution will have to appear in an annual entrance examination, which is organized by Bihar Combined Competitive Entrance Examination Board.
The office of BCECE Board is located in Patna.
The great thing about the entrance examination notification of the board is that it publishes all its notifications in the newspapers as well as websites.
Aspirants of this exam must keep abreast with the news websites and regional news papers during the months of January to April 2011.
Most likely the entrance exam notification is published during these months.
The exams are usually conducted in the month of May or June.
The regular classes in the institutions begin by the month of July August.
Admission Process in Private Institutions In case of private institutions, they also conduct their own entrance examinations but there are number of institutions, which may admit students without any test.
If there is not any test students are admitted on the basis of their academic record.
Students of private institutions don't get opportunity of becoming part of the panel of special recruitments of government.
However, most of these organizations work hard to bring in top class companies in their campus during the fifth or sixth semester of the course to ensure proper employment for the students.
Private Institution Versus Government Institution - Which is better? This is a very common question and the answer is very straight.
Students must opt for private institution only after verification about the quality of faculty and past record of placements.
Here government institutions have got an edge as all of them have excellent infrastructure and good record of providing employment to their pass outs.
In recent times lack of quality teachers and instructors have become a big problem and the present government is working hard to meet the requirements.

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