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Would Holly Trees Grow in a Shaded Area?

    Sun Exposure

    • Hollies are best planted in full sun or part shade. Look for a well-drained site that provides more than two hours of direct sunlight a day. Hollies planted in full shade will have reduced vigor and berry production.


    • Hollies generally require well-drained soil, so the addition of organic matter, especially in heavy soils, boosts success. In sandy soil, organic matter improves water retention and nutrient levels. If you need a holly for damp soil, try Chinese holly (Ilex cornuta) which is appreciated for its curved, extra spiky leaves.

    Soil pH

    • Holly is an acid-loving plant that needs soil pH around 5 to 6 to take full advantage of soil nutrients. Fertilizers labeled for acid-loving plants provide nutrients and slightly acidify soil.


    • Both male and female plants are required for pollination and berry production, so make sure there is a male nearby to pollinate the females. Most hollies don't have regular pruning needs. Feel free to cut branches in November and December for holiday decorations.

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