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Log Furniture Stands the Test of Time

Furniture in a home is a reflection of the people that reside within.
The design aesthetics of a room is directly correlated to the type of furniture that is chosen.
It is functional art, and is represented in the form of tables, chairs, and beds.
Today's furniture styles have been influenced by different periods in history.
The Neolithic period shows evidence of furniture which dates back to 3100-2500 BC where stone was used because of a shortage of wood.
This indicates why certain materials have been used in different areas during specific times.
Wood has traditionally been a material of choice, because it is a natural material that makes beautiful furniture.
Trees are a renewable resource, which when harvested properly has a small environmental impact.
The wood that is chosen for furniture provides strength, color, and texture to the piece.
Mahogany is an example of a hard wood that offers a deeper color and is found in fine furniture.
Pine is a softer wood with a lighter color and is commonly seen in the industry.
Aspen is a wood that is often seen in log furniture because of its beautifully rustic appearance.
Log furniture is a true example of craftsmanship that has been a constant tradition in the industry.
They are crafted from whole logs which give it a distinct look, and brings an element of nature into any room.
The early American style has a direct relationship to this type of furniture, because it harkens back to a time when life was easy and relaxing.
Log furniture has a character that cannot be compared with any other style.
Using furniture made of logs in a home gives a natural rustic feel to every room.
Talented craftsmen work long hours to get the look just right on each custom piece of furniture, and it is a testament to their artistic talents that it has stood the test of time.
The home is a sanctuary that provides comfort to the family.
The furniture must connect to the feeling of the home and be functional.
Log type furniture is charming and is built to last.
It can be passed down from generation to generation because of its strength.
Furniture options are abundant, but choosing the one that best suits the needs of the home is an easy decision.
The perfect piece of furniture transforms a room from just ordinary to truly amazing.

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