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How to Tow With a Crossover

    • 1). Open your vehicle's owner's manual, and find the vehicle's towing capacity. This is the maximum weight your vehicle can tow safely.

    • 2). Look on the data plate on the trailer for the gross trailer weight (GTW). Add this number to the weight of any cargo you will be loading into it.

    • 3). Assure the trailer's weight plus the cargo's weight is less than or equal to the vehicle's towing capability.

    • 4). Lower the trailer's coupler onto the vehicle's hitch, and close the latch on top. Lock the latch with a padlock or cotter pin. It is important that the coupler size match the hitch size to avoid detaching while driving.

    • 5). Take the left trailer chain and connect it to the right side of the crossover, and the right chain to the left side.

    • 6). Fasten the trailer's wiring harness to the vehicle's electrical receiver. If they do not connect, an adapter can be purchased at a local hardware store. Check that the trailer's lights are operating properly.

    • 7). Double check all connections and inspect the trailer and vehicle for any conditions which may affect a safe road trip.

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