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Embracing a Personal Philosophy of Activity

Today, I want to talk about how important I believe it is for us as internet marketers to embrace a personal philosophy of activity. What I mean is: we need to ensure that we are making progress with our business each and every day. In today's internet age, it's very easy to simulate forward movement without actually doing anything. So that said, we must be cautious that the actions we are undertaking are actually productive and necessary. This is one of the principal assumptions that Tim Ferriss makes in his book, "The 4-Hour Workweek." He says that we waste way too much time when we're surrounded by things like email, telephone and PDA's. I agree wholeheartedly, and caution all internet marketers to watch out for wasted time in their home offices.

As online entrepreneurs, the only ones to whom we are accountable are ourselves. No one else is going to tell us that we are wasting our time. Therefore, we each need to pay close attention to the way we spend our time while we're on the job. The onus is on us to make sure that we're being productive. In online business, we all know that momentum is key. If we're not constantly moving forward then we're losing momentum. Momentum requires being focused and productive. Thus, having a personal philosophy of activity will allow us to stay on course and never lose momentum.

Here are some suggestions for productive activity and maintaining momentum in your business.

1. Only focus on a few main tasks each day. It's easy to lose time going back and forth between projects, so keep your actions concentrated.

2. Sometimes our computers are like a black hole of lost time. Even as internet marketers, it pays to get away from the computer now and then. Go write an article by hand, or pursue one of your other business tasks that doesn't require you to be at your computer. Doing this from time to time will keep you fresh.

3. At the beginning of every day, write down your top few goals for the day. Having them in writing next to you will make them more difficult to forget and will help keep you organized.

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