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The New Terran Zerg Starcraft Strategy

The new Starcraft Terran Zerg match-up is encouraging for a Terran player.
The reality is, the Zerg just aren't as powerful when facing the Terran's Mech builds and upgrades.
Consequently, they experience a tougher time destroying any blockades you construct at your base's entrance.
By teching up your army, you will be making the best use of this extended period of time and maximizing your advantage over your Zerg opponent.
When the first rush begins, make sure you've blocked off your base's entrances with Supply Depots, Barracks, and of course, Marine cover.
This fortification will give you more time to investigate the rest of the territory and discover your enemy's location and strategy.
It is natural for a Zerg player to send a quick rush of Zerglings to your base.
With their speed, the Zergling makes for an excellent pest.
However, if your playing on a vast territory, the building of a small Marine and Marauder army will squelch any quick offensive.
After your base has been completely secured, build a Factory so that you can pump out Hellions.
These are the best counter units to Zerglings and Banelings due to their quickness.
If your enemy is not going for an aerial attack, you should take advantage of this and utilize your Hellions to rush your enemy's base.
You should also look to upgrade these units which will increase their mobility and effectiveness once they've infiltrated the Zerg lair.
Make certain that you have a steady supply of minerals and gas in order to follow through on this attack.
Siege Tank Strategy Once you've mined enough resources, construct a small platoon of Hellions, Marines, and Siege Tanks.
Your Siege Tanks are the glue that holds this strategy together.
When you've sent out your platoon on an offensive attack, make sure your Tanks are laying down defensive cover for the Marines and Hellions.
In Tank mode, make sure they are ahead of the pack, pushing through any enemy resistance.
The crucial element to this strategy is to split up your Tanks.
Place half of them behind and half in front of your other ground units so some are in Siege mode and some are in Tank mode.
Think of this as a sort of leap frog attack.
Marines/Missile Turrets Strategy Many Zerg players tend to amass a strong Mutalisk army.
If this is the case, make sure you've built up an army of Marines and reinforced their safety with Missile Turrets.
If you erect a Sensor building, your turrets will be prepared to take down any stealth attacks.
For the most part, do not use Vikings if the Mutalisks persist.
Instead, send out a few Thors which will easily crush the Mutalisk army.
Viking/Ghost Strategy The only time you you will want to utilize the Viking is if the enemy decides to launch a Brood Lord offensive.
The Viking has the capacity to target enemies from long range, so it will give you the opportunity to shoot down encroaching Brood Lords before they've arrived at your position.
You can also produce Ghosts to help fight off the attack - their sniper fire has the hp to take down Brood Lords quickly.
Lastly, do not be caught with all your units out on a full force offensive.
If your Zerg enemy finds you doing this, he will have the opportunity to invade your base and destroy all your SCVs.
To make sure your base is protected, build up a small army of Tanks, Marines, Turrets, and Thors when they arrive.
This will buy you time to continue on with your offensive attack.

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