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How to Show My Briefcase in Windows Vista

    • 1). Access the folder in which you want to create a briefcase -- this can include the desktop. Right-click in an empty space and select "New," then "Briefcase" from the list that appears. You can type a name for the briefcase, or leave it as "New Briefcase."

    • 2). Left-click a file and hold down the mouse key to drag and drop the file into the briefcase. You can copy files and folders into the briefcase by dropping the files onto the briefcase icon or into the open folder.

    • 3). Right-click the folder and select "Send To," then choose which device you want to sync with that particular briefcase. This connection only needs to be created once.

    • 4). Access the folder in which you created the briefcase and double-click on the briefcase icon to open the folder and view the contents. Click "Update All Items" in the left pane. This feature works both ways -- you can update the flash drive from the computer and you can update the computer from the flash drive.

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