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How to Install Harley Switch Covers

    Chrome Ingnition Switch Cover Installation

    • 1). Remove the ignition-switch-face nut.

    • 2). Remove the front mounting bolt on the fuel tank.

    • 3). Remove the ignition cover mounting screw; then remove and discard the original ignition switch cover.

    • 4). Place the chrome ignition-switch cover in position and install the original mounting screw. Tighten the screw.

    • 5). Reinstall the front fuel tank mounting bolt. Tighten the bolt.

    • 6). Install the face nut to secure the switch to the cover and tighten.

    Installing Neutral Switch Cover Kit

    • 1). Disconnect the battery cables, negative cable first.

    • 2). Unplug the neutral switch wires from the switch.

    • 3). Loosely start the set screws into the mounting bracket.

    • 4). Install the mounting bracket over the switch hex. The bracket surface should rest against the transmission top cover with threaded holes facing up toward the rear cylinder.

    • 5). Tighten the set screws. Do not tighten one all the way and then do the other; snug one screw then snug the other screw. Tighten the rest of the way.

    • 6). Plug in the switch wires.

    • 7). Install the cover over the mounting bracket, using the washer and the 8/32-inch button-head screw, using the provided wrench. Do not pinch the wires.

    • 8). Reconnect the battery cables, positive first.

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