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Homemade Birthday Gifts for a Girlfriend

    Mix CD

    • An easy gift to make is a birthday mix CD with all her favorite songs on it. You can even list the song titles and artists on the case and make your own cover.

    Photo Album

    • Collect photos of the two of you, together or apart, and put them into a photo album. You can annotate each picture with fond memories you have of that moment.

    Coupon Booklet

    • Using colored paper, make your own coupon booklet. The coupons can be for things like back rubs, washing her car or romantic dates -- all redeemable at any time, of course.

    Make Her Dinner

    • Prepare a romantic dinner and make her favorite dish. Use candles to light the room and select her favorite music to play in the background. If you don't have access to an empty house, then take her for a romantic picnic instead.

    Bake Her Cookies

    • You can bake her some cookies, put them into a nice tin and wrap them up. If you're more adventurous, you could even try baking her a birthday cake.

    A Love Story

    • Write a romantic story for her. It could be based on how you met, or a fictitious adventure involving the two of you. She will love the time and thought you've put into imagining and writing the story.

    Gift Basket

    • You can make your own gift basket filled with her favorite candy, gum and chocolate. Add some hand moisturizer, bath soaps and a birthday card.

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