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Successfully Building Membership Sites For Internet Marketers!

Interested in this growing internet business model? Here are important things you should know for building membership sites for internet marketers.

Why pay for a membership site?

Just as people would pay to become a member of your local book club, golf club, men's and women's clubs or some professional association, so would they sign up to become members of membership sites. These sites may offer products or services, for more details visit to usually for exclusive access, which members may obtain either free of charge or for a set fee.

A membership club is rather a simple business model - you build a club, offer people certain privileges which they will pay for in order to receive. This is why membership clubs are often created in relation to an internet marketing business. Sometimes, they ARE the business, becoming the primary means with which internet marketers earn an income.

Why start one?

Other than the potential for a lucrative online business, membership sites also offer you a chance to expand your network of contacts. Membership sites, if designed well, have a tendency to grow exponentially, particularly because they are based on one of the most telling tendencies of human nature - the need to belong and to communicate. Membership sites are currently one of the most promising ways to run an online business, which in large part explains their appeal to internet marketers.

Building a membership site for internet marketers

There are several factors that contribute to the creation of a successful membership sites. Keep these in mind should you consider using a membership site for your internet marketing business:


The more members a site receives, the more income it generates. It's that simple. This is why the site's popularity must first be established in order to attract more people to sign up. It also has to be able to offer value to its members, considering that there are numerous other membership sites to compete with.

The key to ensuring attractiveness to potential members is to offer a unique means with which people can communicate online and top it with functionality and value. Members should be able to find the site useful or else they won't bother wasting their time with it.

Market segment

The potential of a membership site for internet marketing can fly out the window if the market segment is not tapped correctly. If the market is too organic, don't even try to dream of big profits because you can only expect an average return at best. Tapping the right target market is essential to the success of a membership site and thus must be considered carefully.

A wide range of products and services

A membership site needs only one concept but it has to have multiple functionalities on its web pages. Social networking sites, for example, don't just let people post their photos for other members to see. The most popular sites, for example, allow members to maintain blogs, post links and communicate with other members.


Ideally, a membership site should last as long as a lifetime subscription. However, this isn't a perfect business world, for more details visit to so expect some folks to cancel their memberships at any time. This makes it important that you build a membership site that is sustainable - meaning, it is built around a concept, product or service that doesn't stop or is temporary. If your membership site is for Christmas enthusiasts, for example, expect only two to three months' worth of activity at the most.

In order to become a viable source of income for an internet marketing business, a membership site has to offer a product or service that doesn't rely on the seasons or special events. Consider dating membership sites, for example. These sites don't just run on Valentine's Day - they actually make a living everyday, particularly the most popular ones. When you do design your membership site, consider a product or service you can sell throughout the year.


When building membership sites for internet marketing, remember that they have to adopt a suitable marketing strategy that is systematic and appropriate to the overall concept of the site. They have to be flexible enough to allow the service to adapt to changes but effective enough to let the business earn and produce a reasonable return on investment in no time.

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