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How Offline Marketing Can Help Your Online Business

Offline marketing is a greatly under utilised tactic used in the online business world.
Yes you are trying to get traffic to your website but think about this, most people are offline more than they are online in a day.
There is huge potential to advertise to people offline just like a traditional brick and mortar business.
Print ads like newspapers or magazines are great places to advertise.
You can find certain niche magazines like fishing or golf to advertise to.
This can be invaluable to your business.
You can place any ad you can think of in these places.
Plus it can be very cost affective compared to say a pay-per-click campaign which can cost lots if you don't know what you are doing.
Radio and tv depending on your budget can see huge returns on your investment and like print ads can be niche targeted.
What can also help is that it gets brand awareness.
Look at any of the annoying ads and you will realise even if you don't like the ad you know what brand it is.
Place your url onto business cards with a small description of what your business is about.
Hand these out to business associates or when ever someone gives you theirs.
Also give them to family and friends and let them give them out for you which can become useful free advertising.
T-shirts and merchandise are great brand builders.
Have some made up and wear a t-shirt out and about.
Give you merchandise out to people (people love free stuff) you might be surprised about how many people come to your sit and buy off of you.
Flyers and posters can have as much information on them as you like.
How many times have you walked down the street and seen a poster for a bar or club being advertised? Why not get some made up and hand them out in crowded places like colleges or shopping malls.
Better yet why not pay someone to do it for you.
Place a bumper sticker or advertising on your car.
Driving around getting lots of advertising even when your not working.
What could be easier than that? There are lots of ways to get advertising offline.
Just try and think outside the box and do something different, fun and exciting.
Getting people to your site doesn't just have to be done online.

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