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Five Happiness Tips - How To Get Happy

If you're stuck in a pattern of work, chores and more work, you may be neglecting some of the important aspects of life which can bring you real satisfaction and joy.
If you want to increase the sense of happiness in your life, if you feel that you've tried but just can't seem to get the hang of feeling happy all the time for no reason at all, then try these simple steps for getting happy and see if you can't improve your results.
Realize your life is a lot like a 4-way Stop sign.
You can't always go first.
Sometimes you have to wait for others.
And it can be frustrating if they move slowly, or if they make a false start then wave you on, but when you start to go they do, too.
Be polite.
Remember the simple rules of traffic give a lot of wise guidance for handling a lot of stressful situations in life -- let the other person talk, let them go first, wave them on with a smile.
These simple practices will help you feel more in charge of your life and less overwhelmed.
Find the back door to what you want in life.
Many people have a specific goal or dream that they've been working towards or thinking about for many years, and the frustration of not achieving it yields a lot of unhappiness, regret and stress.
The solution lies in a creative approach:look for shortcuts, look for the back door, look for other ways to be part of the "world" you want.
Say goodbye to old ideas.
Welcome happiness and optimism into your life.
When you are doing house cleaning, for example, don't forget to also spend some time with your journal and jot down an assessment of your state of mind.
You may find that you are holding onto old goals and old ideas that are no longer meaningful to you.
If it has become a habit to keep them on your agenda, maybe it's time to let them go, and move on to new things that will bring you happiness and fulfillment.
Tend your rose garden -- the one in your soul.
When you are tempted to condemn and ridicule yourself for not being perfect (perfectionism is a deadly dis-ease that causes a tremendous amount of mental strife and unhappiness) remind yourself that as beautiful as a rose is...
the rose bush has thorns, bugs, disease and other "imperfections" and yet we still can appreciate the loveliness of the flower and its fragrance.
Learn to treat yourself with the same acceptance of good/bad that you do a rose.
Tell someone "I love you.
" If you have a romantic relationship, it's important to tell this person how much you love and care for them, on a regular basis.
Also look at all the other people in your life who would be thrilled to know that you have loving feelings for them.
Maybe it's an older relative you don't contact very often, if at all.
Or a neighbor you've been friendly with.
Someone at work that you've known for years and have affection for.
Don't pick someone you're mentally stalking -- now is not the time to blurt out passion for that cute guy or gal at work who ignores you.
We would do better in English if we had as many words for "love" as the Greeks do.
We tend to get all tongue-tied if we want to tell a friend "I love you" because we feel awkward like it's too heavy or will be taken in a sexual way.
So pick your time, pick your person, but find a way to tell important people in your circle of friends and family that you care about them.
Verbalize it.
You don't have to chase after happiness and never catch up.
Take time to enjoy your life, and you will wake up one day and realize that happiness found you and it's here to stay.

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