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String Trimmer Safety

    Protective Clothing

    • Briggs & Stratton recommends wearing long pants, gloves and boots or sturdy shoes for protection from debris. Goggles and earplugs are also important.


    • If refueling is needed during use, the trimmer should be allowed to cool before filling to prevent fire, according to Briggs & Stratton.


    • While operating your string trimmer, make sure no bystanders are in your working area, including children and pets. The Illinois Department of Public Health recommends a clear radius of 50 feet.


    • According to Briggs & Stratton, keep your string trimmer in good working condition by cleaning it after use and storing it according to the specifications in the owner's manual. Routine engine maintenance on gas-powered models should be performed as recommended by the manufacturer.


    • Briggs & Stratton recommends avoiding areas with outdoor wiring. For proper control, always hold your trimmer with both hands.

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