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Dry Needling Your Body

Dry needling has become a popular form of treatment that is widely used by physical therapists.
It is commonly dubbed as the Western version of acupuncture.
But for osteopaths, physical therapists and other practitioners who utilize alternative medicine like acupuncture, the procedure leans more toward the understanding of the musculoskeletal system and basic anatomy.
As the procedure is carried out, trigger points are located by the practitioner to identify parts of your body that experience muscle pain, injury on soft tissues and chronic spasms.
Dry needling aims to address problems with posture, bodily imbalance and muscular injury.
Combined with the best osteopathic and therapeutic treatments, dry needling indeed has a lot of benefits to your health.
It would be better if you know which parts of your body can be used or affected by dry needling.
These are mostly the parts most susceptible to injuries, spasms and chronic pains.
Primarily, they are parts with muscles that are just as exposed to pain and injury.
Your head and jaw, which can be prone to illnesses like migraine and lockjaw, can be made to undergo needle healing process to alleviate pain and spasms.
As for the other parts of your upper body, your neck and shoulders can be subjected to dry needling.
When you experience whiplash or sudden jerks that cause pain and strain your neck muscles, you can undergo dry needling to release the tension.
Shoulder pain that may be caused by playing sports or by lifting heavy objects can be treated as well with this type of needling process.
Other parts of your body that may undergo dry needling are your arms, legs, hamstrings.
For your arms, as in the case of tennis elbows, you would experience chronic pain and maybe injuries in your tendons.
This would cause your muscles to be irritated, tightened and sometimes even swollen.
When you subject your arms to dry needling, your tissues are given the avenue to release the tension and facilitate the healing process.
Healing process with the use of needle is indeed a holistic approach to healing.
It is non-intrusive so you do not need to worry about surgeries.
Most of all, the needles are not prickly or painful to use.
So you should not hesitate to undergo dry needling especially if it is recommended by your osteopath or physical therapist.
Remember that the procedure can only be effective if your entire physical and mental state will fully cooperate with the healing process.

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