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Electric Shower Installation

We all want our bathrooms to be luxurious and well equipped with the latest bath accessories and designs. While talking about bathrooms, one cannot ignore the shower area as it is one of the prime areas in the bathroom and also very important too. Choosing the right shower for your bathroom, make sure you go for nothing but an electric shower rather than any other type of shower. Electric showers are very well known for their brilliant performance in comparison to other showers of its kind. They can be installed very easily and they are also very affordable and user friendly too.

The mandatory requirements for installing an electric shower will include some plumbing work from the water supply and also proper electric connections. While installing electric shower make sure that all the precautionary steps are considered to provide adequate safety output. Electric showers are also the only options for houses with a single pipe of cold water. This is also ideal in areas where the water pressure is low. Electric showers are built in with pumps that are designed to maintain the pressure of the water required for the shower that are later sprayed through from the shower head. In areas where the conditions are extremely cold and freezing, electric showers shouldn't be installed but it can be placed on the surface of the tiles. While connecting the water supply to the electric shower, make sure the pipes are cleaned and also checked in order to flush out the debris that can obstruct the water flow.

You must also fit a valve in the main water supply source. This shall help to regulate the closing and opening of water supply as it would be extremely essential for maintaining the shower. Only compatible cables must be used as they carry adequate voltage required for the electric shower. If possible a dedicated electric connection can be used from the shower unit through a switch. This switch can also be used for heating the water by turning on or off. The installation of this switch board should be in a place far from the shower area to avoid any accidents due to electric shocks.

However this basic electrical wiring can be done by any laymen with adequate knowledge but it is advisable to take the services of an electrician to perform this task. This can make the process very safe and easy. So next time you think of installing an electric shower don't miss to follow these instructions for a smooth installation.

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